Earl “The Pearl” Strickland

Earl started playing pool at the age of nine. After intensive practice, he entered his first professional tournament aged fifteen.

He was born June 8, 1961, in Roseboro, North Carolina and is an American professional pool player considered one of the best nine-ball players of all time. Earl winner of numerous championship titles and, in 2006, was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame. Earl is a multiple winner of the prestigious Player of the Year Award, and his career highlights include 5 wins at the U.S. Open Nine-ball Championships (more than any other professional pool player worldwide), and 6 WPA World Nine-ball Championships. Strickland is the only WPA World Nine-ball Champion ever to win the event in consecutive years. He was also an ever-present player for the American team in the annual Mosconi Cup tournament, from its inauguration in 1994, up until 2015.Strickland once ran 11 consecutive racks against Nick Mannino during the first PCA tournament in 1996 where there was a stipulation that anyone who could break and run 10 racks would win US$1,000,000. Jimmy Mataya, who was present at the event, witnessed Strickland's last shot, a tough nine-ball combination in which Earl showed no fear and "fired it in with authority" to win the prize.


Career Wins!!

2014 Battle of Legends

2013 Turning Stone XXI 9-Ball Championship

2012 Empire State 10-Ball Championship

2012 Ginky Memorial Open Division

2010 Steve Mizerak Championship

2010 US Bar Table 8-Ball Championship

2007 Pool & Billiard Magazine Fans' Top 20  

2007 Carolinas Open One Pocket Division

2006 induction Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame

2003 Viking National Nine-ball Championship

2002 WPA World Nine-ball Championship 

2000 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1999 Camel Shooters Nine-ball Open

1999 Camel Riviera Hotel Pro 8-Ball Open

1997 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1997 World Pool Masters

1996 Professional Cuesports Association - Runs ten 9-Ball racks to win $1,000,000

1995 PBT Eastern States Memorial 9-Ball Championship

1994 PBT Glass City Open Nine-ball

1994 PBT World Nine-ball Championship1993 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1993 PBT Florida Flare Up

1993 PBT Western Open

1992 MPBA Los Angeles Open

1992 MPBA Sands Regency XVI Nine-ball

1991 WPA World Nine-ball Championship 

1991 MPBA McDermott Masters Nine-ball

1990 WPA World Nine-ball Championship 

1990 MPBA Lexington All-Star Nine-ball

1990 MPBA Sands Regent XI Nine-ball

1990 WPA World Pool Champion

1988 Billiards Digest Player of the Year

1988 PBA Tara Open

1988 PBA Brunswick World Open

1988 PBA Shoals Classic

1988 PBA Lexington All-Star Nine-ball

1988 PBA Augusta Classic

1988 PBA Greater Greenville Open

1987 Billiards Digest Player of the Year

1987 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1987 PBA Bowling Green Open

1987 PBA Tara Open

1987 PBA Sands Regency Nine-ball

1987 PBA Charlotte Open

1987 PBA Fall Classic

1986 Bowling Green Open

1986 Citrus Open

1985 Billiards Digest Player of the Year

1985 Ohio State Open

1985 Clyde Childress Open

1985 Charlotte Open

1985 Akron Open

1985 West Virginia Open

1984 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1984 Red's Nine-ball Open

1984 McDermott Masters

1984 Caesar's Palace Classic

1983 Caesar's Tahoe Nine-ball

6 World Championships

2002 WPA World Nine-ball Championship 

1997 World Pool Masters

1994 PBT World Nine-ball Championship

1991 WPA World Nine-ball Championship 

1990 WPA World Nine-ball Championship 

1990 WPA World Pool Champion

5 US Open Nine Ball Championships

2000 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1997 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1993 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1987 US Open Nine-ball Championship

1984 US Open Nine-ball Championship


World Pool-Billiard Association

The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is the international governing body for pocket billiards. The group formed in Germany in November of 1987, because of the efforts of the European Pocket Billiard Federation. The Asian Pocket Billiard Union (APBU) formed shortly after and became the second member of the WPA. North America became the third member in 1990 and Oceania joined in 1992. The  Australasian Pool Association represented Oceania in the WPA until 1999 until it was replaced by the Oceania Pocket Billiard Association (OPBA). It   was also in 1999 that the Confederation Pan-American de Billiard (CPB) and the All-African Pool Association (AAPA) joined the WPA and based upon this the WPA truly represents all corners of the world. The current WPA president is Ian Anderson of Australia.


Million Dollar Match

The infamous & controversial "Dallas Million Dollar Challenge" was an event where Earl ran the 11 racks in a row to win a million dollars. On Thursday, April 11, 1996, Earl did just that. John McChesney, Robin Adair and Jay Helfert were the tournament directors for the event at the Billiard Palace in Dallas, Texas. Earl played on triple shimmed new black Gold Crown table with new Championship Tournament grade cloth. Earl was playing Nick Mannino in the match and the final score was 15-1. You can get the exclusive undisclosed story on Road Stories 2 DVD.

US Open 9-Ball 


Founded in 1976 by Barry Behrman and held at Q-Master Billiards in Norfolk, VA. 15   of the greatest players registered to compete for the first ever US Open event. Barry was hoping for full field of sixteen and at the last minute the 16th player entered and the US Open was born. Now the US Open is the longest running and most prestigious 9-ball event in the world. The field limited to 128 players. The US Open 9-Ball Championships is the most sought-after title in Professional Pool and the toughest event to win on the planet and Earl holds five of these titles.